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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Office of Flood Hazard Risk Reduction Meaures
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New Jersey Drought Information -

Current Conditions (updated weekly) - View PDF Version

Note: The 90-day precipitation and unconfined ground water Drinking Water Supply Indicators experienced a significant shift towards drier conditions this week. This shift occurred because of the 90-day statistical methodology used to calculate each indicator. In this case, a 2-inch rain event and resulting higher streamflows and ground water levels at the end of November "fell out" of the 90-day calculation period and were replaced by recent drier period data. This type of indicator response, while not common, does periodically occur.

Overall, reservoirs have responded positively to the recent wetter precipitation patters and the Department's Administrative Orders, but overall conditions are still dry statewide. A sustained return to normal conditions is needed to measurably improve the drinking water supply indicators.